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AC Schnitzer - 2003 ACS3 3Series E46 M3 Sport
AC Schnitzer - 2003 ACS3 3Series E46 M3 Sport

AC Schnitzer - 2003 ACS3 3Series E46 M3 Sport

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AC Schnitzer ACS3 3Series E46 M3 Sport Professional tuning is very much in demand, especially by drivers of high performance cars. So AC Schnitzer has developed an expanded speci... More »
AC Schnitzer ACS3 3Series E46 M3 Sport

Professional tuning is very much in demand, especially by drivers of high performance cars. So AC Schnitzer has developed an expanded special accessory range for the BMW M3 which further optimises the already excellent performance of the standard model.

Especially effective is the AC Schnitzer rear differential, which perceptibly improves the agility of the BMW M3. The modified gear ratio of 3.91 : 1 gives far more sporting gear changes and the 6th gear becomes a "true power stage" allowing the driver to reach top speed earlier than in the standard vehicle.

Another highlight is the new AC Schnitzer Racing Interior Conversion. This consists of extremely light, high strength racing seats with suede upholstery and embroidered AC Schnitzer logo in conjunction with a 4-point harness system. The conversion is completed by the new AC Schnitzer roll bar ensuring optimum body rigidity and hence constituting a real extra safety reserve. All components can be fitted individually, retaining the standard 3-point safety belt system.

In addition, as usual we have placed the emphasis on specially developed suspension components, making these the heart of our special tuning range.

Depending on personal preference, M3 owners can choose between a sports comfort setting in the AC Schnitzer sports suspension or a racing suspension with adjustable set-up and ride height. The special setting of the AC Schnitzer racing suspension gives the customer the opportunity to experience pure driving pleasure while retaining suitability for everyday use. The sports suspension lowers the BMW M3 approx. 25 mm and the racing suspension reaches a lowering by approximately 30 - 35 mm.

Another suspension highlight is the aluminium racing strut brace which makes the M3 more stable and hence gives optimum torsional rigidity in the vehicle front. The range is completed by the removable rear aluminium strut brace and the antiroll bar set.

An extended wheel range consisting of the brand new AC Schnitzer Type IV racing wheels in 20" size as well as Type II and Type III light alloy and racing wheels in 18" or 19" diameter is also available.

The driving qualities of the BMW M3 - excellent even as standard - are furhter enhanced by the AC Schnitzer light alloy and racing wheels.

The maximum wheel/tyre size on the front is 8,0J x 20" offset 42 with tyres 245/30 R 20 and on the rear 10.0 J x 20" offset 33 with 285/25 R 20. AC Schnitzer recommends high performance tyres by Continental and Michelin.

Faster and more precise gear changes increase the adrenaline surge and also improve acceleration in a car. So with the AC Schnitzer Short Shift (for vehicles with manual transmission), we can offer that genuine touring-car feel.

Optimum driving behaviour, good acceleration and the right sound are undoubtedly some of the most important attributes of a thoroughbred sports car. For this reason, the AC Schnitzer engineers have developed a sports rear silencer of V2A special steel with two chromed racing tailpipe trims which gives the M3 an even more striking sound, and further improves exhaust gas flow and hence response behaviour.

Perfect balance and an individual appearance were the key specifications for the designers. The result is an optimised aerodynamics package which offers the customer various conversion stages available individually or in combination. The basic component is a carbon-fibre front spoiler available in either silver or black, which is supplemented in the conversion stage with front flippers. Anodised aluminium braces ensure extra stability.

At the rear, a rear roof spoiler and a multipiece racing wing are fitted. The striking optical reference to touring car origins lies in the complex design in conjunction with the aluminium feet. The overall aesthetic appearance is impressively completed by the AC Schnitzer rear diffuser with carbon-fibre wing profile which harmoniously integrates the AC Schnitzer sports rear silencer. The racing rear wing and diffuser are both available in either silver or black carbon fibre.

As well as the external accessories, an extensive interior range is also available to give the driver the strongest indication of sitting in a thoroughbred sports car. Only the highest quality materials are used which have their "origins" in motorsport.

AC Schnitzer carbon-fibre interior trims and an AC Schnitzer 3-spoke sports airbag steering wheel in black and silver are also available, together with products which give a motorsport-oriented ambience in the cockpit such as foot rests, pedals and handbrake handle and also the gear knob made from aluminium, and velours foot mats. Finally, AC Schnitzer offers tailor-made solutions in the field of traffic telematics and Car Infotainment which can be integrated optimally.
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