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AC Schnitzer - 2004 ACS3 X3
AC Schnitzer - 2004 ACS3 X3

AC Schnitzer - 2004 ACS3 X3

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AC Schnitzer ACS3 X3 The second "SUV" in the BMW family has arrived, and development work is in full swing on a special accessories range to cover all areas of the vehicle. In r... More »
AC Schnitzer ACS3 X3

The second "SUV" in the BMW family has arrived, and development work is in full swing on a special accessories range to cover all areas of the vehicle.

In recent years, our engineers have been able to build up a wealth of experience with SUV's. First came the big brother of the BMW X3, the X5, and then the engineers naturally turned their attention to AC Schnitzer's own concept based on the BMW 330ix, the AC Schnitzer X-ROAD.

For the 3.0d version of the BMW X3, an AC Schnitzer Diesel Performance Upgrade is already in development. This will increase the engine output to 180 kW / 245 HP and raise the maximum torque by 50 Nm to 460 Nm.. Despite the more powerful engine, the high driving comfort, moderate fuel consumption and excellent stability remain unchanged.

With or without the performance upgrade, we also recommend as further developments the AC Schnitzer sport rear silencer of V2A special steel with chromed racing tailpipe trim, as this ensures improved gas flow.

Some years ago the suspension development of the AC Schnitzer X-ROAD came under the motto: "All Day - All Way". The same is naturally true of the new X3. With its sports suspension, the BMW X3 has an unlimited territory. Changing terrain - gravel slopes or asphalt roads - are no problem for the sports performance of the X3 with AC Schnitzer suspension. The lowering by 20 - 30 mm in conjunction with the specially set up dampers perceptibly improves both the driving dynamics and the stability.

Secure contact with the ground is guaranteed by the AC Schnitzer wheel and tyre combinations - some of which are already available - in different dimensions and with different rim designs.

The new Type IV alloys and racing rims form the top version. Their delicate, avant-garde appearance makes them a perfect complement to the sporting X3. The maximum size at the front with the Type IV racing rims is 9.0J x 21" ET 32 with tyres 255/30 R 21 and at the rear 10.0J x 21" ET 33 with 295/25 R 21. Alternative there are the 20" size racing rim Type IV, and the classic racing rim Type III is also available.

19" wheels are also available - this size is covered by the AC Schnitzer Type III alloy and racing rims and the new Type IV alloys.

Further down the scale, the range is completed with 17" and 18" wheels of these types. We recommend high performance tyres by Continental and Michelin.

The BMW X3 is also converted aerodynamically and visually. The AC Schnitzer aerodynamic range, in which all components can be painted, contains a front skirt with a new dynamic look. This integrates harmoniously the standard fog lights and the grille. Optionally the new front skirt can be fitted with a Chromeline set.

At the rear, a rear roof spoiler and a rear skirt with indicated underfloor wing profile and a cut-out for the sports rear silencer provide aerodynamic balance. The rear skirt is available for vehicles with and without towbar.

To enhance the cockpit, a carbon fibre interior trim in silver, comprising centre console and door handles, and particularly ergonomic 3- and 4-spoke airbag sports steering wheels in leather and carbon are currently planned.

Pedal sets, foot rest, gear knobs and a handbrake handle in aluminium set the highlights. The interior range is completed by velours foot mats with the AC Schnitzer logo.
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