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AC Schnitzer - 2005 ACS1 1Series E87
AC Schnitzer - 2005 ACS1 1Series E87

AC Schnitzer - 2005 ACS1 1Series E87

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AC Schnitzer ACS1 1Series E87 With the launch of the new 1-series, BMW has entered the strongly contested "compact class" vehicle category for the first time, and presents a vehi... More »
AC Schnitzer ACS1 1Series E87

With the launch of the new 1-series, BMW has entered the strongly contested "compact class" vehicle category for the first time, and presents a vehicle that has jumped to the top of its class even before sales begin.

This posed an even greater challenge to the AC Schnitzer engineers: to develop a special accessories range which takes the "pleasure principle" to an even higher level.

For the 1.8d and the 2.0d versions of the BMW 1-series, AC Schnitzer diesel performance upgrades are already in development, taking the power - depending on engine model - up by around 25 - 30 HP. Despite the stronger power plant, the high running comfort, moderate fuel consumption and excellent stability of course remain unchanged.

With or without the performance upgrade, we recommend our newly developed AC Schnitzer sports rear silencer of V2A special steel with chromed Racing tailpipe trim which ensures improved gas flow .

Faster and more precise gear changes increase the adrenaline surge and improve vehicle acceleration. So we have adapted the AC Schnitzer Short Shift for the BMW 1-series with manual transmission.

There are already a wealth of AC Schnitzer alloys and racing rims available for the BMW

1 series in Type II , Type III and Type IV designs.

As well as various combinations in 17" and 18", the 1-series - known internally as E87 - can be fitted with 19" alloy or racing rims which take tyres of size 235/35 R 19 all round. This modification alone perceptibly improves the driving dynamics . AC Schnitzer recommends high performance tyres from Continental and Michelin .

In addition, the most stylish wheel design is the avant-garde AC Schnitzer Type IV 5-spoke wheel with its star-shaped wheel centre running out pentagonally and single dish per spoke , which is an excellent match for the modern design of the 1-series. Chrome elements can be inserted optionally in the dishes, setting extra highlights.

The driving behaviour of the 1 series becomes even safer and more dynamic with the

AC Schnitzer sports suspension , which is currently undergoing tests on public roads and on the North Loop of the Nurburgring .

As well as lowering by 30 mm - already available - the suspension concept is completed by a Racing Aluminium strut brace for the front axle and a special antiroll bar kit .

The high technical standards we apply to our products are also evident in the bodywork of the AC Schnitzer ACS1. It was a particular challenge to pick up the new styling language of the BMW 1 series, continue and subtly enhance the lines without appearing obtrusive.

The result is a tailor-made kit for the E87 which fulfils all these attributes. The front part is enhanced by an exciting new front spoiler design in a brand-new look which is attached to the standard front skirt and ensures better downforce.

The harmonious link between the front and rear is created by the AC Schnitzer side skirts and rear roof wing with optional aluminium struts which set totally new accents. The design is completed by the new AC Schnitzer rear skirt spoiler which not only harmoniously integrates the sports silencer into the rear but also gives the vehicle a more powerful appearance. A Chromeline set is available as an option which sets highlights on the front spoiler and side skirts .

Exclusivity also predominates in the cockpit : as well as the carbon interior trim in silver or anthracite, and the ergonomically shaped sports airbag steering wheels, the final touch is given by the aluminium accessories e.g. for the controller of the BMW-specific "i-Drive" system, the pedal set and footrests, different gear knobs or handbrake handles . Last but not least, velours footmats are available with the AC Schnitzer Logo.
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