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AC Schnitzer - 2005 ACS3 3Series E90
AC Schnitzer - 2005 ACS3 3Series E90

AC Schnitzer - 2005 ACS3 3Series E90

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AC Schnitzer ACS3 3Series E90 With the new E90, BMW has introduced the next epoch in the successful 3-series . True to the motto "The driving force", the 3-series sets the standa... More »
AC Schnitzer ACS3 3Series E90

With the new E90, BMW has introduced the next epoch in the successful 3-series . True to the motto "The driving force", the 3-series sets the standards for driving pleasure in a new dimension. To quote the worldwide motoring press in countless road tests in the run-up to the official launch, a simple formula defines the 3-series:

Comfort + High Quality Engineering + Sports Performance = E90

So the 3-series offers a superb basis for creating an AC Schnitzer ACS3 from an already excellent BMW.

It is precisely this challenge which currently faces our engineers and designers. They are working at full speed to develop a range which on completion will leave nothing to be desired .

The first challenge is to develop a performance upgrade for the 2.0d . This will comprise a special Control Unit Program and take the power of the M47D20 TU standard engine to around 147 kW / 200 HP .

For all engine variants - with or without performance upgrade - we are developing a sports rear silencer made from stainless steel which will improve the exhaust gas flow . The "chromed" finish comes from the Racing tailpipe , which will not only be part of the silencer but is also available already for purely visual enhancement as a chromed tailpipe trim.

To further improve the driving dynamics in the 3-series, our engineers are currently working on a wealth of sports suspension components . The first step, already successfully completed, was the implementation of a spring kit which lowers the vehicle by around 25 - 30 mm .

In the next stage, the specifications for the suspension engineers include a complete sports suspension and antiroll bar kit with racing strut brace for the front. The complete modification will perceptibly improve the driving behaviour of the new 3-series for more sports performance with no significant loss of comfort, and also substantially increase safety reserves on sudden load changes.

Type II and Type III alloys and racing rims are already available. Wheel/tyre combinations are possible in various sizes from 17" to maximum 19", with 225/35 R 19 on the front and 255/30 R 19 on the rear or optionally 235/35 R 19 all round .

The avant-garde Type IV alloy with its optional chrome elements constitutes a true highlight in the wheels sector and is already available . In 18" or 19" , it safely connects the 3-series to the asphalt at all times and transfers the power to the road in the optimum manner.

In addition, the latest AC Schnitzer Type IV wheels with their ultramodern look appear custom-made for the latest 3-series. The maximum tyre size is the same as for Type II and Type III wheels. We recommend high performance tyres from Continental and Michelin .

The appearance of the new 3-series is enhanced by the striking contours of the aerodynamic conversion. Depending on personal taste, the customer has a choice between the sports style variant and the Chromeline Design (for the side skirts). Both versions are striking with their modern design , which emphasises externally the high performance internal engineering. In the sports variant, the side skirts are painted completely in body colour. In the Chromeline variant, additional chromed elements are used.

The BMW E90 is given a quite unique expression thanks to the front spoiler in the new design. This makes the 3-series look even lower and at the same time improves downforce on the front axle.

Aerodynamic balance is provided by the rear roof spoiler, the one-piece rear spoiler and the rear skirt with its striking underfloor wing profile .

The AC Schnitzer aerodynamic range is completed by the sports mirrors.

For the interior, a carbon interior trim in "Exclusive" silver is available with matching sports airbag steering wheels . Already we have a range of aluminium accessories such as e.g. gearknobs, handbrake handle, pedals, footrests and a cover for the BMW "i-Drive System". Velours footmats complete the range.
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