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AC Schnitzer - 2005 ACS5 Sport M5 E60
AC Schnitzer - 2005 ACS5 Sport M5 E60

AC Schnitzer - 2005 ACS5 Sport M5 E60

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AC Schnitzer ACS5 Sport M5 E60 The figure "507" has been legendary in BMW history for many years. More precisely since 1956, when the designer Albrecht Graf Goertz created an aut... More »
AC Schnitzer ACS5 Sport M5 E60

The figure "507" has been legendary in BMW history for many years. More precisely since 1956, when the designer Albrecht Graf Goertz created an automotive dream, the BMW 507 Roadster.

Today, almost 50 years later, the figure "507" again has a magic significance: this time not as a model designation but as the impressive HP figure of the new BMW V10 engine.

This time the automotive dream is called "M5" and is not just one car - it's at least two.

Firstly a comfortable luxury saloon and secondly an agile sports car - the M5 is both. But primarily it's always exactly what the driver wants, at the push of a button.

This concept, already excellent in standard form, has been perfected by the development of the AC Schnitzer special accessory range. This meant also that some components did not need perfecting - this applies primarily to the powerful engine. The V10 high performance machine remains unchanged even after the "AC Schnitzer treatment".

Only in the area of the exhaust system attached to the engine did AC Schnitzer see room for improvement. The newly developed AC Schnitzer double sports rear silencer made completely from stainless steel and finished with the equally new chromed tailpipe trims in "Sports Trim" design, gives the BMW M5 a far more powerful and sonorous voice than its standard brother.

At the same time, the gas flow is optimised and the response behaviour perceptibly improved.

The "Sports Trim" rear silencer is an exclusive development for the new BMW M-series - not only for the M5 but also for the M6.

The driving dynamics of the BMW M5 are further improved by the use of the AC Schnitzer suspension spring kit. As well as simply lowering the vehicle by around 25 mm, which lowers the centre of gravity of the BMW M5, the spring kit allows spirited cornering in the M5 with no loss of driving comfort.

In addition, the BMW M5 can be fitted with racing rims and alloy wheels in various designs and sizes.

For one-piece monoblock variants, wheels in Type III and IV are available in sizes 8.5J x 19" to 9.5J x 19".

Even more exclusive are the AC Schnitzer racing rims in Types III and IV, which have been tested in many different sizes from 19" through 20" and in the top version even up to size 9.0J and 10.0J x 21".

One absolute highlight in the AC Schnitzer wheel sector is the new "Forged Wheel". This lightweight forged wheel with bi-colour finish - i.e. partly polished, partly lacquered surface achieves an apparent fundamental paradox: reduction in weight, and at the same time maximum wheel diameter and width.

This masterpiece is achieved by the AC Schnitzer engineers and designers in the "Forged Wheel", whose design - although unmistakeably related to the Type IV wheel - is totally unique. The "Forged Wheel" is expected to be available from December 2005 in sizes 9.0J x 20" and 10.0J x 20" for the BMW M5 and will be fitted with tyres of size 245/35 R 20 or 285/30 R 20 on the rear.

The weight of the front wheel is approx. 10 kg and the rear wheel 10.8 kg.

For tyres for all wheel variants we recommend high performance tyres from Continental and Michelin.

Although the appearance of the vehicle already becomes more exclusive by fitting the AC Schnitzer wheels, we also offer aerodynamically efficient modifications to the bodywork.

For the M5, a carbon front splitter has been developed which can be firmly attached to the front spoiler with chromed aluminium webs. This individual solution not only gives the sports saloon a more striking outfit but also improves downforce on the front axle.

In addition, the new AC Schnitzer chrome front grille can be fitted, which naturally meets the high air intake requirements of the BMW V10 engine. At the same time it gives the BMW M5 a touch retro look, reminiscent of a legendary "shark's mouth".

Aerodynamic balance is achieved by the rear roof spoiler, the one-piece rear spoiler and the carbon rear diffuser which is integrated into the rear skirt. The latter also impressively integrates the AC Schnitzer sports rear silencer "Sports Trim".

Used in conjunction, all aerodynamic aids ensure higher downforce for the BMW M5, so that with the entire AC Schnitzer aerodynamic conversion the vehicle is perceptibly more stable and its appearance harmonises with its sporting performance ambitions.

For the interior, a carbon interior trim is available in titanium "Exclusive" finish, a 3-spoke sports airbag steering wheel or velours foot mats together with the characteristic AC Schnitzer aluminium pedals and footrests or the handbrake handle.

The new design of an aluminium cover for the controller of the BMW "i-Drive System" in the design of the Type IV wheel sets the finishing touch.

The complete AC Schnitzer special accessory range for the BMW M5 is expected to be available from Winter 2005.
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