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Chevrolet - 2001 Blazer
Chevrolet - 2001 Blazer

Chevrolet - 2001 Blazer

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Chevrolet Blazer The all-new Blazer was introduced in 1995 as a 1995 model year. This time, it lost the S-10 prefix for simpler identification due to the full-size K5 Blazer bein... More »
Chevrolet Blazer

The all-new Blazer was introduced in 1995 as a 1995 model year. This time, it lost the S-10 prefix for simpler identification due to the full-size K5 Blazer being discontinued (the GMT400-based Blazer was rebadged as the Tahoe; the Tahoe package which was the base trim for past S10s was redesignated as the LS. The Blazer was Playboy magazine's Truck of the Year for 1995 and was also the unanimous winner of the Motor Trend 1995 Truck of the Year. Exterior and interior size were increased, bumping it up to a mid-sized SUV. A drivers air bag came, but a passenger airbag wasn't immediately introduced. This Blazer appealed to more customers because of the less rugged appearance and rounded styling, and many storage spaces- a key feature for families. It was available with the 4.3 L V6 engine only, and most models featured four-wheel drive via an electronic transfer case; 1997 was the last year a manual transfer case for 4 wheel drive (floor shifter for 4 wheel drive) was offered. In 1998, the interior and exterior received some cosmetic changes. The makeover offered a new dashboard with larger buttons and more ergonomically correct driving controls, as well as larger door handles, and head rests for the rear bench. A passenger airbag is now standard. A front grille similar to the Chevrolet C/K pickup line's stacked-headlight system replaced the older single-headlight system, similar to the full size GMT400 trucks. 4 wheel disc brakes became standard equipment, fitted with aluminum dual piston calipers (the front disc brakes were redesigned with the dual piston calipers and 12" diameter brake rotors (steering knuckles now have sealed hub assemblies) while the truck models retained the 1978-era single piston disc brakes originally sourced and shared from GM's G-body lineup). In 1999, new folding mirrors replaced the old folding mirrors. 2000 saw new front bumpers and the trim running along the sides and bumpers was removed. For the 2001 model year, the truck received a new center console.

In 1999, Chevrolet introduced a limited edition 'TrailBlazer' appearance package that was available as an upgrade to the LS and LT trims. The package featured gold-accented alloy rims and trim along with several interior/exterior modifications and upgrades. This package was marketed until the introduction of the GMT360 series for the 2002 model year. The Trailblazer's headlamps, which featured daytime running lamps, would be available on various Blazer models until production ended. Upon introduction of the 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer and the GMC Envoy, production continued after their successors came to the market, with the Jimmy only being sold in Canada and in the 2005 model year, 4-door models sold to vehicle fleets. Another upscale model was the 1998 GMC Envoy. It used the same engines and had many of the same upgrades as the Bravada. The 1998 model Envoy featured an optional upgrade to High Intensity Discharge headlamps, and several other visual modifications. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Jimmy nameplate, the Jimmy Diamond Edition was launched. Not too different from the Envoy, it featured leather seats with a diamond pattern, special diamond logos, and an aluminum silver plate along lower sides of the SUV.

At the same time, a Blazer Xtreme (only on the 2-door model) was added to the lineup, based on the S10 Xtreme. This sub-model lasted until 2004.

The second-generation Blazer was officially sold in Japan, between 1998 and 2001.

The ZR2 Package

The ZR2 package was only offered on the 2 door Blazer as the 2 door had the shorter wheelbase. It had a wider ladder type frame which made the track for the truck approx. 3.9 inches wider. It also lifted the Blazer about 3 inches which made it be able to clear 31x10.5 tires on 15 inch wheels. An enhanced front (7.25" ring gear) and rear (8.5" ring gear) axles w/ 3.73:1 rear-axle ratio. Larger wheel and axle bearings. A front anti-sway bar, skid plates, Bilstein shocks, and a beefier rear axle. This package was a little over $1000 and it was first introduced on the S10 pickup in 1994 and was carried over to the Blazer in 1996.

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