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Fiat - 2011 Bravo
Fiat - 2011 Bravo

Fiat - 2011 Bravo

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Fiat Bravo A modern automobile, packed with technology, with excellent level of comfort, safety and performance. Manufactured in Brazil, the new Fiat Bravo has exceeding attribut... More »
Fiat Bravo

A modern automobile, packed with technology, with excellent level of comfort, safety and performance. Manufactured in Brazil, the new Fiat Bravo has exceeding attributed to be a strong rival in the prestigious segment of medium hatchbacks. And it arrives to consolidate Fiat's innovative reputation, proving that evolution does not know limits.

And evolution is really its brand. Fiat Bravo arrives to please the most demanding consumer: differentiated design, cutting-edge technology, with equipment that makes it truly complete; generous internal space with a lot of sophistication; besides sportiveness, with its refined and high efficiency mechanics.

An exactly beautiful automobile. Without doubt, the design is one of Fiat Bravo's strengths. Its aggressive and dynamic lines - inspired partly in the design of the Large Family automobiles - bear sportiveness together with the celebrated Italian design, but maintaining the new family feeling of the Fiat models.

Fiat Bravo arrives with two potent motorizations - the national 1.8 16V E.torQ with mechanical transmission or Dualogic, and the imported 1.4 T-Jet with 6-gear transmission - and three finishing versions - Essence, Absolute and T-Jet - very well equipped.

Fiat Bravo, for example, can be equipped with up to seven airbags - two frontal, two front sides, two for the protection of occupants' heads, besides one for protection of the driver's knees. With Dual Drive® electric steering, it arrives with avant-garde technology like fog lights with cornering system, NAV™ Radio, Xenon headlights, front parking sensor, folding external rearview mirrors and a new Skydome sunroof.

Thus, driving it becomes an extremely pleasant experience, furthermore because internally it has excellent space - to accommodate five people comfortably -, good trunk and a level of prime quality finish in all versions.

With this important launching, Fiat Automóveis seeks to cause strong impact on the medium hatchback segment and to increase its share in this segment.


Within the best Fiat tradition, the new Fiat Bravo brings a lot of technology. There are diverse equipment that make the driver's life easier or that broadens the occupants' safety, some of which make their debut in the Fiat series, in models of the segment or even in Brazil. They contribute to make Fiat Bravo a complete automobile, equipped with all resources to offer the best and safest life on board. Get to know them.

To expand comfort, Fiat customer counts on:

NAV™ Radio. Novelty in the Fiat series, the system adds RDS (Radio Data System) radio, MP3, CD player, trip computer functions and satellite navigation system (GPS). The device interface is a 6.5 inch liquid crystal screen, 256 colors and 400 x 240 pixel resolution.

The GPS guides the driver through sonorous and visual instructions, and the vehicle's position is always updated by satellite. The main information and functions provided by the navigation system are:

Written and spoken instructions, with indications of the vehicle's distance to its destination and the estimated time of arrival. The vocal instructions are done in advance, so that the driver may have ample time to fulfill them;

Detailed cartography, representing the vehicle's updated position, the trajectory and the destination;

Navigation logbook that allows the memorization of the last 10 requested destinations;

Name of the road on which the vehicle is found;

Choice of trajectory options in accordance with the driver's preferences;

Zoom function, for more detailed analysis.

On the main screen diverse information is exhibited, like date and time, audio information, active mode (NAV), vehicle's location through icon and view scale on the map. Now on the navigation screen there is a compass that indicates the automobile's direction (in degrees); longitude, latitude and altitude; number satellites available; destination, distance up to it and estimated time of arrival (if the navigation is active); and trip computer.

Front parking sensor. The new Fiat Bravo is the first model of the automobile manufacturer to offer front parking sensors. The operation principle is identical to that of the rear parking sensor: a beep warns the driver with respect to the distance between the vehicle and the closest obstacle. The shorter is the interval between the sonorous warnings, the closer is the obstacle. To active it, it is necessary to activate a button located on the automobile's panel. The sensors are excellent aids in parking maneuvers.

Foldable external rearview mirrors. Also for the first time in the Fiat series. Upon pressing a button on the driver's door towards the right, the external rearview mirrors fold, which is extremely useful in tight maneuvers. Pressing the same button towards the left, the mirrors return to the original position, with no need of new adjustment.

Push Logo. Thinking on the greatest practicality for the consumer Fiat Bravo bears the Push Logo. With it, it is also possible to open the trunk from the outside, by pressing the Fiat logo located on the central part of the hood.

Skydome. With wide glazed area, Bravo's new Skydome sunroof is composed of two glass panels, where one is fixed and the other mobile. Activation of the mobile sheet is electric, through a button on the roof; it can slide up to the spoiler's position, up to the end of the trajectory or until the button is pressed again. Every panel even has a curtain, which can be all open or all closed manually. This type of sunroof is exclusive from the new Fiat Bravo in its segment.

Xenon Headlights. Providing a deeper, broader lighting, and three times more intense than the conventional halogen lamps, xenon improves, and a lot, the driver's visibility under any condition. If the inferior headlights are turned on and the driver activates the windshield washer, a washing cycle of the headlights will occur, with an interval of about 1.2 seconds.

Night Design. Fiat Bravo brings more this novelty, a nocturnal lighting on the door knobs and also in the automobile's interior.

Blue&Me™. This practical device conciliates communication and entertainment. It allows the driver to answer telephone calls with a Bluetooth device, make calls on the cell phone by using voice commands and listen to text messages (SMS). The driver activates the system through the buttons on the steering wheel. Turning on his MP3 player or pen drive at the USB input or activating the system's CD player, he listens to music.

Blue&Me™ NAV. With this system, besides the communication and entertainment functions, the driver will also have satellite navigation (GPS). The map comes in a CD along with the on board kit that also contains a pen drive. Simply load the map onto the pen drive and connect it to the vehicle's USB input. Press the NAV button - the set of buttons of the system is located on the roof - to start navigation.

Dual Temp® Automatic Air Conditioning. This technology has solar radiation sensor that allows adoption of different temperatures between the driver and the passenger. It also controls and adapts the comfort of the interior in function of the solar radiation and the parameters chosen by the user.

Dual Drive® Electric Steering. With it, the driver can drive in "Normal" mode - for situations of smooth traffic, with no need of maneuvers - or in the "City" mode. When parking the automobile or maneuvering in a bottleneck, the driver presses the button "City" on the panel and immediately the steering becomes much lighter, reducing substantially the effort to turn the steering wheel, which represents 60% light than a hydraulic steering. This mode only works under 46 km/h.

Butterfly type controls on the steering wheel. The versions equipped with Dualogic® Automatic transmission can receive the transmission commands on the steering wheel - the so-called "butterflies". With them, the driver shifts the gears sequentially. The butterflies provide a more comfortable and sportive driving.

Automatic pilot. This equipment represents another great comfort, because with it the driver can drive without constantly consulting the speedometer.

Many other items of comfort, like on board computer, electric opening for the fuel tank cap, key with remote control and alarm, twilight and rain sensors plus electrochromic mirror can equip Fiat Bravo.

To expand safety, the Fiat customer counts on:

Kneebag. Fiat Bravo actually brings a lot of safety items. Airbags alone, there are seven. It arrives with double front airbag as standard equipment in all versions, and it can be equipped even with five more. The kneebag, for the first time in a Fiat national model, operates to help avoid injuries on the driver's knees. And furthermore, sidebags (front lateral) and windowbags (for the protection of the occupants' heads). The model also brings headrests with anti-whiplash system.

Cornering. As standard equipment in all Fiat Bravo versions, this innovative device conciliates fog lights with the adaptive cornering function. When entering a well closed curve or when making a maneuver, with the low lights on, the fog light of the side corresponding to the curve will be automatically activated. This aids the driver's visibility, so that he makes the curve with maximum safety. This system can be deactivated by My Car Fiat.

Hill Holder. This resource helps the driver to carry out departures without jerks in ascents and descents. In ascents, it works with the automobile stopped and the motor turned on, brake pedal pressed and 1st gear engaged. In descents, with the reverse engaged. In the vehicle startup phase, the device conserves the breaking pressure on the front wheels for about two seconds, or until the pedal of the accelerator is pressed.

Tire pressure sensor. Fiat Bravo has four sensors - one on the wheel rim of each tire -, four antennas connected to the sensors and a central unit. The tires are constantly monitored, and any alteration is transmitted to the driver through a sonorous signal and also through a dedicated spy light. This sensor monitors and warns when:

Empty tire

Flat tire

Overfilled tire

Tire pressure inadequate to the speed

Looking at the light, the driver knows which is the anomaly and on which tire it occurred.

Emergency brake signaling. The emergency lights are lit automatically in case of an abrupt braking, warning other drivers and helping to avoid accidents.

Sidelight / indicator. To change lane, just touch the arrow lever in the desired direction, immediately the indicator lights will be activated rapidly for five times.

ESP (Electronic Stability Program). It acts to conserve stability and helps the driver to maintain control of the vehicle. Through constant monitoring of the automobile' speed, inclination of the body, steering wheel turning angle and the vehicle's movement status (lateral acceleration, angular and longitudinal speed), ESP perceives when the automobile is close to instability, intervening then to correct its trajectory, braking the wheel that is about to lose adherence and reducing the engine's power, when necessary.

MSR (Motor Schleppmoment Regelung). Integrant part of ESP, this supplementary safety control intervenes when the automobile's speed is reduced abruptly under conditions of low adherence. In this situation, the MSR releases, progressively, more torque to the engine, avoiding the locking of the wheels.

ASR (Anti Slip Regulation). Also integrant part of ESP, this traction control system intervenes automatically in case the vehicle skids. ASR can be deactivated through a button located on the panel.

Safe Lock. When active, Safe Lock impedes the opening of doors from the inside out. It concerns a useful safety device that helps to impede theft of objects inside the vehicle. Fiat recommends its use whenever the automobile is parked.

Safe Lock is activated by pressing the button for closing the doors on the remote control twice. To deactivate it, simply unlock the doors on the remote control, unlock the doors by turning the key on the keyhole of the driver's door or startup the vehicle. The equipment is standard equipment in all Fiat Bravo versions.


Aggressive, attractive, elegant, modern. The lines of Fiat Bravo reflect the most current sides of the renowned Italian design, with its own marking personality but maintaining the new family feeling of the brand's models.

This is clear on the front, based on the design of Large Family vehicles but with the Italian essence in its soul, with its sharp hood, narrow and sophisticated grill, lower air input, polyelliptical headlights in form of a drop and inclined windshield. The different planes are broken by grooves, but are complemented with harmony, in perfect balance with each other, transmitting an impression of force and immediately making clear that the model could only be integrant of the Fiat family.

The forms are aerodynamics and inclined, and the high waistline represents the stylistic continuity between the headlights and the vehicle's rear: all seems "to run" backwards, as if it is in constant movement. The curved roof ends abruptly, but its line re-emerges on the rear window until it is absorbed by the waist. The same surprising effect was obtained with the internal curvature of the windows: it is interrupted by the rear column to, immediately, resume its course on the inferior border of the rear window.

Looking at Fiat Bravo from the rear, the curved lateral line of the window creates an interesting balance with the shape of the lamps, totally curved except for the external face, which is inserted in the rear diagonally. The planes of the automobile's rear are clean and curved, with the embedded bumper.

The stylistic solutions found to define the lines of Fiat Bravo resulted not only in a beautiful automobile, but also created a spacious and airy interior, showing that, for the Fiat Style Center, form and function walk together hand in hand. The vehicle's height, for example, satisfies both the aesthetic needs and those of internal space, also offering easy access to all occupants.

Everything inside the automobile was planned to make the experience of living with it special. Materials, textures, forms, stamps and quality of finish create an elegant environment and at the same time practical. Outstanding for acoustic comfort, which received special attention to minimize noises and vibrations transmitted by the ground and by the engine and transmission assembly. They contribute, furthermore, the adopted techniques and the high quality of materials employed in the internal finish, in which the fittings between different components do not produce creaks or unpleasant noises.

The seats have adequate foam to absorb vibrations. But their comfort does not end there: lumbar supports fight against fatigue, and the structure of the backrests was dimensioned so as to assure maximum safety to occupants. All have anti-summarizing structure. At the back, Fiat Bravo's seat counts on three 3-point safety belts, with winder, and three adjustable headrests. Seat and support are foldable in 40/60, allowing various combinations to expand the space for load up to 1,175 liters (with no folding, the trunk capacity is 400 liters, an excellent space for the segment).

The driver's seat has longitudinal adjustment that allows 22 adjustments. The guide has 3 degree inclination and, when taking the seat forward, it also slightly goes up. The regulation of inclination of the backrest, in turn, is continuous. Together with the regulation of height and distance of the steering wheel, the seat adjustments allow drivers of any stature to find the ideal driving position.

For the driver, it is worth the comfort, easy access to instruments and displays, a perfect driving position, total visibility. The console, for example, is driver-oriented, that is, directed towards the driver, such that he does not need to deviate his eyes from the traffic to find what he wants.

The instrument panel has meters with amber lighting - softer to the eyes in the dark - varies according to the finish's version, for example, in the T-Jet version it is equipped with the instrument panel DOT MATRIX in the presence of Blue&Me™ NAV or NAV™ Radio. The panel is complete, with speedometer, tachometer, fuel tank level indicator and water temperature indicator. The total and partial odometers, date and time and external temperature indicator are exhibited in a digital display at the center of the panel.

Various object holders expand practicality and comfort, like those present on the doors and on the central part. The vast glove compartment is lighted. It can also be equipped with front armrest, which leads to organization and comfort, since it embeds a refrigerated compartment for cans and bottles.


The two available motorizations for the new Fiat Bravo offer excellent performance, fuel economy and low emission levels. Both are compact and modern.

The E.torQ 1.8 16V engine puts together high performance and economy, with excellent torque at low rotations. Driving only with gasoline, its power is 130 hp at 5,250 rpm; with ethanol, 132 hp at the same rotation. And the maximum torque of 18.4 kgfm with gasoline and 18.9 kgfm with ethanol, is reached at 4,500 rotations. But at 2,500 rpm, the engine already produces 93% of its torque.

It concerns a compact and light engine, designed to last and to have low maintenance cost. And, even better, it has low emission levels and silent operation.

It equips the Essence and Absolute versions of the new Fiat Bravo.

Now the 1.4 16V T-Jet engine equips the sportive version of the hatchback. This compact gasoline turbo engine produces no less than 152 hp of power and 21.1 kgfm of torque at 2,250 rpm.

Small engines with performance of large engine are a strong trend in Europe. Their advantage is that, when not required, they are so economical as any other motor of the same capacity. To obtain this formula, an especially developed turbo compressor is employed to overfeed the engine with lesser capacity.

The T-Jet engine comes coupled to a 6-gear mechanical Italian transmission.

And for more sportiveness, Fiat Bravo brings overbooster, which is activated by the OVB key located on the automobile's panel. From the activation of this function the accelerator pedal curve is switched to a more aggressive curve. The opening of the butterfly is then altered to a greater value at the same pedal position.

With the OVB key activated, every time the driver steps on more than 10% of the course of the accelerator pedal, the injection central unit will be authorizing the Waste Gate Valve to be kept more closed, increasing overpressure in the engine from 0.9 to 1.3 bar.

This increase of overpressure will bring a torque gain within the range of 2,000 rpm up to 4,000 rpm, passing through a peak of 23.0 kgfm at 3,000 rpm (without the overbooster, a peak of 21.1 kgfm of torque).

With this function activated the electric steering is firmer, thus assuring more safety.


The purpose of the assembly is to allow the automobile to roll with comfort, but always maintaining adherence of the wheels, stability and drivability.

For this reason, the front suspension of Fiat Bravo is independent, McPherson type, with oscillating arms in stamped steel connected to an auxiliary bridge, with stabilizer bar. The hydraulic, telescopic shock absorbers with double effect complete the front assembly. They offer elevated lateral firmness, favoring drivability in curves.

In the rear Fiat Bravo has suspension with semi-independent wheels, interconnected by an open section torsion bridge. This also assures firmness and stability with excellent drivability.

In the T-Jet version of Bravo, Fiat engineering worked the suspension placing priority on even more sportive behavior. One of the objectives was to lower the vehicle's center of gravity by 20 mm. They were also redesigned to have greater stability in maneuvers without losing comfort.

To achieve good results presented in performance, engineering professionals of Fiat Automóveis worked about 350,000 hours on Fiat Bravo. And, 140 vehicles were built between prototypes and pre-series. Their tests and experimentations included engine and transmission, durability, emissions, chassis, body, electrical design and safety. All components were submitted to the most arduous tests so that Engineering may be satisfied with the quality of the new automobile.


Three levels of finish, two motorizations, three types of transmission. It does not matter which of the five versions the customer may choose, he can have the certainty that he will be acquiring a complete, potent, safe and extremely comfortable automobile. Get to know below the hatchback versions:

Essence 1.8 16V Flex with transmission mechanical

Essence 1.8 16V Flex with transmission Dualogic

Absolute 1.8 16V Flex with transmission mechanical

Absolute 1.8 16V Flex with transmission Dualogic

T-Jet 1.4 16V Turbo with transmission 6-gear mechanical

Fiat Bravo Essence. Very well equipped, all Bravo versions bring ISOFIX, universal hook for setting of child seat. The Essence version also includes standard items like double airbag, manual air conditioning, electric steering with "City" function, 16" light alloy wheel, fog lights with cornering system, disc brakes in the four wheels, automatic pilot, CD radio with MP3, electric external rearview mirrors, Safe Lock, front and rear electric windows with one touch system and anti-crash, steering wheel with height and depth regulation, fuel tank cap with electric opening, driver's seat with height regulation, visors with mirror and lighting, illuminated glove compartment and trunk, 1/3 and 2/3 bipartite rear seat, five headrests with height regulation, hood for engine and transmission, hooks for fixing of load in the trunk, key with remote control for windows, locks and trunk, among several others.

Fiat Bravo Essence Dualogic. It brings all standard equipment of the Essence version, plus Dualogic® Automatic transmission.

For both Essence versions, the list of optional equipment includes brakes with ABS, Dual Temp® automatic air conditioning, Hi-Fi sound with subwoofer, Blue&Me™ or Blue&Me™ NAV + leather upholstered steering wheel with radio controls, Skydome electric sunroof, electrochromic internal rearview mirror, twilight sensor, rain sensor, rear and front parking sensor, electric folding of external rearview mirrors, front armrest with refrigerated span, rear armrest, besides partially leather upholstered seats in black or brown. The Dualogic version offers, even, the transmission control on the steering wheel, or butterflies.

Fiat Bravo Absolute. The version has the same standard items of the Essence version plus: Dual Temp® automatic air conditioning, Blue&Me, ABS in the brakes, Night Design, rear parking sensor, leather upholstered steering wheel with radio controls, front armrest with refrigerated span, besides the passenger seat central armrest , 17" light alloy wheels, knobs and linings under the chromate windows, rags on carpet with Absolute embroidered, more exclusive fabrics and finish details.

Fiat Bravo Absolute Dualogic. Besides all standard equipment of the Absolute version, this also has Dualogic® Automatic transmission and transmission control on the steering wheel.

The two Absolute versions offer, as optional equipment, Skydome electric sunroof, tire pressure sensor, Hi-Fi sound with subwoofer, Blue&Me™ NAV, NAV™ Radio, front parking sensors, external rearview mirrors with electric folding, electrochromic internal mirror, twilight and rain sensors and partially leather upholstered seats, plus the airbags: kneebag, sidebags and windowbags.

Fiat Bravo T-Jet. The list of standard items includes all equipment present in the Absolute version, and even 6-gear transmission, ESP (stability control system) + Hill Holder, 17" exclusive light alloy wheels, Overbooster button on the panel, darkened front headlights, double chromate exhaust, steering wheel, red painted brake calipers - for the first time in the Fiat series -, hand brake and leather upholstered level knob with red seams, pedal system and sportive footrest, spoiler, mini-skirts, besides diverse finish details that differentiate the sportive version from the new hatchback.

The customer can equip even his Fiat Bravo T-Jet with xenon headlights, tire pressure sensor, Skydome electric sunroof, NAV™ Radio, Blue&Me™ NAV, electrochromic internal mirror, twilight and rain sensors, Hi-Fi sound with subwoofer, 18" light alloy wheels + tire 225/40, partially leather upholstered seats, plus the airbags: kneebag, sidebags and windowbags.
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