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Fiat - 2016 Toro
Fiat - 2016 Toro

Fiat - 2016 Toro

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Fiat Toro arrives to show infinite possibilities on wheels. A multifaceted vehicle, which combines the qualities of SUV, pickup truck and automobile. It offers versions with flex ... More »
Fiat Toro arrives to show infinite possibilities on wheels. A multifaceted vehicle, which combines the qualities of SUV, pickup truck and automobile. It offers versions with flex or diesel engines, automatic 6- or 9-gear, or also manual 6-gear, transmission. For urban or off-road use, with 4x2 or 4x4 wheel drive. A vehicle that enables to meeting all the tastes and needs for transport, work or leisure.And everything tailored to the right size: larger than compact and smaller than medium pick-up trucks, 4,915 mm long. Agile in urban traffic and in the optimal size to face any trip.Fiat Toro is a genuine Sport Utility Pick-up (SUP). It combines, size, height and ergonomics of a SUV; robustness of an off-road vehicle and comfort of a car, in addition to the practicality and space of a double cabin 4-door pick-up truck, capacity to accommodate up to five passengers, with elegance and safety, and carrying up to one ton.With Toro, Fiat overcomes the challenge of building a self-supporting body pick-up truck with high strength and low torsion in the body. And all of this based on leading-edge technology, both in terms of comfort and performance, and connectivity and safety.To achieve that, Fiat leveraged its long experience in pick-up trucks based on more than 15 years of absolute leadership of Strada model in the Brazilian market, and also the know-how of the FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) group, which offers the possibility of new and modern designs. Also, FCA counts on the industrial resources in the newly inaugurated Jeep Automotive Complex, in Goiana (PE). Undoubtedly, a new cycle and a new car.A winning projectIn its development, this new model was conceived to provide modern and bold design, in addition to offering optimal handling, ergonomics, finish quality and practicality of use.Fiat Toro was constructed on the global Small-Wide platform. As this is a modular and flexible platform, it has been extended to generate a greater body, with load bay, forming a reinforced self-supporting structure. It uses more than 85% of noble materials, such as advanced high-strength steel. And it provides high torsional stiffness and durability, in addition to excellent capability to absorbing impacts in case of accidents, thanks to programmed deformation lines.Fiat Toro is provided with rugged, safe, durable and smart body, supported on independent suspension in the four wheels, designed to overcome any obstacle, always keeping on board comfort and silence.In addition to the novelty of manufacturing a robust, but comfortable, model, Fiat Toro innovates even with its split load bay tailgate, patented by FCA. It has two parts that open laterally, with option for opening one of them only. Light and practical, the Split tailgate facilitates very much the access to the cargo hold ― the large load bay (820 liters) can optionally be increased for additional 405 liters with its original and exclusive extender, thus increasing the load bay length and providing greater practicality.Design made in BrazilFiat Toro exhibits the best in terms of the world-class automotive design of the brand, conceived to please consumers in Brazil and abroad. Yes, it offers a global design - developed in Brazil and integrated with the FCA's world design. Imposing, it combines beauty, innovation, power and aggressiveness.Everything starts with the "bull's eyes"Split Lightning ― the optical group divided into two assemblies. It marks its presence with determined sight, which becomes the front identity of the model. Involving the whole body, the Wrap Around concept adds modernity and fluidity, where the high waistlines mark the dynamism of Toro, until reaching the innovative and practical split tailgate opening to both sides.The upper optical group exhibits bold and very attractive shape. It brings position and turning signal LED lights. It can also be provided with DRL (Daytime Running Lamp) lights, including high-intensity LED lighting, which assure safety even with daylight. By its turn, the second optical group is in charge of the long range lighting functions. It offers optimal visibility in long distance and turns, and is integrated to the main grille, which has 3D bars.Fiat logo appears partially inserted in the 'muscle' hood, completing the chrome-plated stripe that provides continuity and also sophistication. Still on the lowest part of the front side, auxiliary headlights, fully integrated, compose the fascia design of Fiat Toro.On the sides of Toro, the high waistline emphasizes the sensation of protection and dynamism. By their turn, the enlarged and involving wheel arches reinforce the strength image of the model.On the rear, innovation was even greater and also a challenge for the designers. The extreme solution started on the tailgate typology. Split exactly in the center, its two parts offer versatility of use not experienced yet by customers in the pickup truck segment. The lateral opening of the tailgate parts provides greater comfort to the user for load and unload. Rear LED lights also innovate with the horizontal positioning, enlarging and elevating the model visually.In the inner side, everything has been planned to offer refinement, comfort, excellent ergonomics and sensation of luxury car quality. Fiat Toro is a unique car, which provides the power of a pickup truck, while being capable of performing in the traffic of big cities. This is possible thanks to its wide, refined, involving and protective inner space. Internal details, such as satin chrome-plated elements, color composition and leather covering on steering wheels, provide the ideal combination of strength and comfort of the vehicle.Fiat Toro's dashboard presents modern design, which combines with the bold lines of the body, as well as the instrument panel with color TFT 7" display, which enables great integration with the driver; the multifunctional steering wheel with paddle shifters for gear changes; and the Uconnect Touch NAV 5" Multimedia Center. All of this with a lot of interactivity and customization.With the raised body and seats, the sensation is similar to driving a SUV. The innovative and anatomical seats provide electrical adjustment in the front. Passengers on the rear seats experience very comfortable ride with the wide inner space. To complete, the object compartment on the console is cooled, and the dashboard sides have lamps for night lighting, which is an additional way to reinforce the sensation of exclusivity.Pleasure to driveFiat Toro is not only comfortable, beautiful and attractive, but it is also very enjoyable to drive. A great part of this feeling is due to the totally independent suspension on the front and rear sides, which is a smart and functional solution for pick-up trucks. The front side is provided with the proven McPherson system, and the rear is equipped with a sophisticated Multi-Link suspension. The systems are fastened on the body by supports made of special elastic elements, which ensure full insulation and silence for the occupants, even on bumpy paths.In addition, this independent and strong suspension ensures better handling, stability and agility on any type of terrain or detour, even when carrying one-ton load.The powertrain (1.8 Flex 16V engine with automatic 6-gear transmission and 2.0 Turbodiesel 16V engine with manual 6-gear or automatic 9-gear transmission) was also provided with sophisticated fastening system, including hydraulic pads to insulate efficiently the inner side of Toro from noise and vibrations.Its electrical-assisted steering, together with the state-of-the-art suspension, assures smooth and comfortable ride, comparable to that provided by a car, and enables pleasant driving, even in long trips.A lot of safety and technology on boardFiat Toro offers the best in terms of active safety, with excellent stability, handling and braking capability. The examples include stability and drive controls.It is also delivered with great passive safety systems, such as preprogrammed deformation lines in several areas of the body (with different types of steel, made to absorb impacts, or the EAS (Energy Absorbing System) steering wheel, which retains energy in case of impacts. Also, Fiat Toro can be equipped with up to seven airbags: as series items, it is delivered with protection for the driver and front passenger, which can be complemented by the side airbags, window airbags and knee airbags.All the details include the concern with safety, even in the fastening of child seats, using the Isofix system.The whole technology of the model can be perceived when using the flip key with remote command (transponder) of Fiat Toro. The driver just have the key in his (her) hand or pocket to release the entrance in the car and the engine start by the Easy Entry/Keyless Go function, without using the key. In addition, Toro is the first Brazilian car to offering the Remote Start function. It enables the driver to start the vehicle remotely, just pressing the key button.Even ordinary maintenance tasks are improved with electronics, such as the tire pressure monitoring (TPMS), which warns on any irregularity, even with Toro running. On the dashboard display, warning messages also inform any malfunction or need for maintenance. Even the electrical-assisted steering counts on monitoring via STC, electronic steering control.Numerous safety features are also available during ride, such as ESC (stability control), ASR (drive monitoring) and TTC, managing the torque transfer to wheels.To depart on ascending ramps, it is not necessary to keep the foot on brake pedal, as the Hill Holder feature keeps Fiat Toro immobilized until the engine start. And in off-road ride, there is assistance of the HDC (Hill Descent Control), which controls speed electronically on steep down ramps in bumpy terrains.Fiat Toro provides all the pieces of equipment to ensure safety, stability and comfort by using the best in terms of technology sophistication, thus proving it came to make a revolution and create a new segment.Multifaceted vehicleFiat Toro is already offered with a lot of options for engine, transmission and wheel drive combinations, ready for urban and off-road uses. There will be four versions - Freedom 1.8 16V Flex AT6, Freedom 2.0 16V Diesel (with manual 6-gear transmission) 4x2 and 4x4 wheel drive, and the top model of the line, Volcano 2.0 16V Diesel AT9 4x4. Plus the special launch series: Opening Edition 1.8 16V Flex AT6.Toro Freedom 1.8 16V Flex AT6 4PThis entry version is delivered with 1.8 Flex engine, front wheel drive, already equipped with automatic 6-gear transmission.Its 1.8 E.torQ Evo Flex 16V engine has been specially enhanced for Fiat Toro, including the VIS (Variable Intake System) technology, which enables changing the airflow inside the intake manifold, providing higher torque at any speed. With VIS, Toro has been also provided with higher maximum power, reaching 135/139 hp at 5,750 rpm (gasoline/ethanol), in addition to torque increase: 18.8/19.3 kgfm at 3,750 rpm (gasoline/ethanol). Together with the camshaft's phase variator, this technology enables achieving more than 80% of the maximum torque of the engine just below 2,000 rpm, which is the utilization range in most of the urban centers. This is an engine extremely cost-effective in the category and with fast response in the city traffic.By using the automatic 6-gear transmission perfectly integrated to the engine, with electronic management, the Freedom 1.8, 16V version ensures good performance with fuel saving and low emission of pollutants (grade A in the Brazilian Program of Vehicular Labeling - PBEV of Inmetro).Even with its entry version, Toro Freedom 1.8 Flex is already delivered with series equipment, such as automatic pilot with speed control, on-board computer (displaying distance, average/instantaneous consumption and autonomy), in addition to customizable instrument panel with 3.5-inch TFT display (with digital clock, calendar and outer temperature indicator), ESC (electronic stability control), Hill Holder (engine start aid on ascending ramps) and Connect radio with commands on the steering wheel, which is provided with height and depth adjustment.In regard to comfort, the Freedom version also provides, as a series feature, driver's seat with height adjustment, electric opening of the fuel filling nozzle, air conditioning, electrical-assisted steering, Isofix fastening for child seat, automatic power windows and locks (close at 20 km/h), rear parking sensor and load bay coating, among others.And additionally, there are tens of optional accessories, ranging from low-weight 16" alloy wheels, front side airbags, window airbags, knee airbags, and tire pressure sensor, to sunroof, reverse camera and leather upholstery (partial).Toro Opening Edition 1.8 16V Flex AT6 4PAlso equipped with 1.8 Flex 16V engine and automatic 6-gear transmission, the special launch series of Fiat Toro, Opening Edition, brings even more pieces of equipment and an exclusive external appearance. In addition to all the accessories supplied in the Freedom entry version, it also counts on low-weight 16" alloy wheels with anti-theft screws, fog lights, retractable power rearview mirrors with tilt down and convenience light, marine tonneau cover on the load bay, dual zone air conditioning, reverse camera, leather-upholstered steering wheel with paddle shifters for manual gear shifts and Uconnect Touch NAV 5" multimedia center. And more: exclusive characterizations of the version, such as internal liners, door sill guard and emblems related to the special series.Toro Freedom 2.0 16V Diesel 4x2 and 4x4Freedom also has two other versions with the proven 2.0 Turbodiesel 16V engine of FCA. It provides maximum power of 170 hp and excellent torque of 35.7 kgfm just after the idle speed, at 1,750 rpm only. These two Toro Freedom versions are always delivered with manual 6-gear transmission and can be provided with 4x2 or 4x4 wheel drive.They bring all the pieces of equipment of the Freedom 1.8 Flex, plus a number of exclusive items. The Freedom 2.0 diesel version with 4x2 wheel drive is also offered with Skid Plate integrated to the front bumper, Super Spoke 16" steel wheels and crankcase protection.Toro Freedom 2.0 diesel 4x4 also leaves the factory equipped with Hill Descent Control (automatic control on steep down ramps in the off-road version), electrical external rearview mirrors with memory (tilt down/ retractable / convenience light), brake light, alarm and load bay lighting.Volcano, top version of Fiat Toro rangeFiat Toro has the Volcano version as top of range. Very sophisticated and equipped, it is offered with the same advantages of the 2.0 turbodiesel engine, including the sophisticated and efficient state-of-the-art automatic 9-gear transmission and four-wheel drive.Fully equipped as a series model, Toro Volcano is provided with all the pieces of equipment of the previous versions, and much more: air conditioning dual zone, low-weight 17" alloy wheels, reverse camera, Uconnect Touch NAV 5" multimedia center, instrument panel with color 7" TFT display, cornering fog lights, main headlights with DRL (daytime safety LEDs) and many other technologies. A very complete version for demanding customers.Innovation also in post-saleFiat Toro is delivered in the dealers' network of the brand with complete 3-year factory warranty coverage and also introduces a new concept of service: the customer may choose for extending this warranty term by one or two years. Thus, the vehicle can be covered with warranty until its fifth year of use.Another convenience feature launched by the brand with Fiat Toro is the tailored overhaul plan, where the customer can also buy scheduled overhaul packages according to the use profile and motorization of your Fiat Toro. There are packages covering two to ten overhauls for Flex version and two to five overhauls for Diesel versions.In regard to customization, Fiat brought more than 50 options of accessories developed for Toro together with the Engineering area. These items have been divided into five categories: Customization, Safety, Audio & Video, Leisure and Comfort.Another novelty if the Custom Shop. Toro is the first model of Fiat to use this concept, in which the vehicle customization is made still at the factory ― the vehicle receives the accessories in a customization line, and then returns to the final checking and inspection procedures before the vehicle delivery. By doing so, it also has the warranty of its accessories extended to 3 years, the same coverage and practicality of a product that just left the assembly line, with the advantage of enabling the customer to choose his (her) accessory kit in the Fiat sales website.And with the whole innovation, sophistication and quality, Fiat Toro reinforces Fiat tradition in anticipating the desire of Brazilians, which started in 1976 with the launch of Fiat 147. Two years later, in 1978, Fiat 147 Pick-up was launched, which was the first pick-up truck derived from a passenger car. That was a fine tuning with the market, which continued with the longer wheelbase of Fiorino, the rear axle of Omega and the Strada pickup truck, in the versions Adventure, extended cabin, double cabin, Locker, and also 3-door double cabin. All in all, four decades of innovation have passed, which are now celebrated with the arrival of Fiat Toro. Hide -
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