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Jeep - 2007 Patriot UK Version
Jeep - 2007 Patriot UK Version

Jeep - 2007 Patriot UK Version

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Jeep Patriot UK Version Based on the Jeep Patriot Concept first shown at the 2005 International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, the Patriot is a modern interpretation of class... More »
Jeep Patriot UK Version

Based on the

Jeep Patriot Concept

first shown at the 2005 International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, the Patriot is a modern interpretation of classic Jeep styling. Patriot combines the packaging and interior flexibility of an SUV with the performance, handling, fuel economy and price of a C-segment car.

Jeep Patriot will compete in the compact SUV segment, which is expected to grow considerably, giving the Jeep brand the opportunity to grow with it. The compact SUV segment in Western Europe is expected to increase from around 344,000 units in calendar year 2005 to nearly 400,000 units by 2010.


Strong and capable, the Patriot is unmistakably


, designed to appeal to compact SUV buyers who want classic Jeep styling. Jeep Patriot is rugged, exuding the brand's key attributes of mastery, authenticity, freedom and adventure, while also offering excellent fuel economy, interior flexibility and utility at a great value.

"Simple yet distinctive geometric forms and planar surfaces define Jeep Patriot's timeless proportions," said Trevor Creed, Senior Vice President - Design. "Combined, these features give Jeep Patriot its robust, strong, capable off-road image."

Jeep Patriot is built for maximum cargo volume, rugged driving conditions and excellent utility. Patriot's face is classic Jeep, featuring the brand's signature seven-slot grille, a robust bumper and round headlamps.

A stiff windscreen and upright rear screen combine to create Jeep Patriot's easily identifiable side view. Classic Jeep design cues include signature Jeep trapezoidal wheel openings. Patriot's high beltline completes the vehicle's protective side profile.

The rear of the vehicle features an upright backlight and a bold bumper, both of which further illustrate the Jeep Patriot's interior spaciousness and add to its rugged appearance and capability. Four doors and a rear liftgate provide easy access to Patriot's spacious and functional interior. An integrated black full-length roof rack and rail moulding with a soft edge channels water over the roof and provides a smooth fit and finish. The roof rack is functional and features five tie-downs for securing items.

Patriot rides on a 2635mm (103.7-in.) wheelbase with a 1520mm (59.8-in.) wide track. The wheel placement enhances vehicle stability, vehicle dynamics and ride quality. Large wheels and tyres combined with the Patriot suspension design contribute to 200mm (7.9 in.) of ground clearance. The low-profile design of the rear suspension also maximises rear seat and cargo room.

All Jeep Patriot models will be available in Jeep Green Metallic Clear Coat, Steel Blue Metallic Clear Coat, Bright Silver Metallic Clear Coat, Inferno Red Crystal Pearl Coat and Black Clear Coat.

Jeep Utility, Both Inside and Out

Jeep Patriot's flexible interior gives buyers the capability to do more in terms of seating friends and storing gear.

A command-of-the-road seating position gives drivers an added feeling of control (5.1cm (2 in.) higher than Dodge Caliber), while the 2635 millimetre (103.7-inch) wheelbase helps to create a truly spacious cabin. Front seat occupants enjoy generous space with 1040 millimetres (40.9 inches) of maximum headroom, 1032 millimetres (40.6 inches) of legroom and 1329 millimetres (52.3 inches) of hip room.

At the rear, Jeep Patriot has 1014 millimetres (39.9 inches) of headroom, 1000 millimetres (39.4 inches) of rear seat leg room and 536 litres of cargo space with the rear seats upright. Cargo space grows to 1277 litres with the rear seats folded flat. The fold-flat rear seats also recline to provide added flexibility and comfort. Rear cargo space expands to 1775 litres when the front passenger seat back is also folded flat. The fold-flat front passenger seat creates a table-like surface for versatility and makes way for storing gear - everything from a 2-metre (8-foot) ladder to skis or snowboards.

In addition to interior spaciousness and flexibility, Jeep Patriot has many clever and unique interior features that add functionality not typically found in a compact SUV, including:

An optional 458-watt nine-speaker Boston Acoustics Premium Sound Group with subwoofer and two articulating speakers packaged in the tailgate; when the tailgate is open, the speakers can swing down to face rearward and play music to augment outdoor activities

Dual purpose, self-recharging removable cargo lamp, which is mounted in the headliner above the cargo area and can snap out of the bezel to serve as a flashlight

Sliding centre armrest that moves forward 76 millimetres (3 inches) to accommodate shorter drivers; the armrest lid includes a unique flip pocket for storing a mobile phone or an MP3 player

Fold-flat front passenger seat that creates a table-like surface for versatility

Flexible 60/40 split rear seats that fold flat and also recline

Ultra Floor™ - a washable and removable vinyl load floor in the rear cargo area with a 113-kilogram (250lbs) load capacity

YES Essentials® seat fabric - an easy-care, soil-repellent and anti-microbial textile that protects seats from stains, odours and discolouration - standard on Sport models.

Jeep Patriot's instrument cluster area is large for a compact SUV and features four gauges. Cluster gauges feature black with white graphics and orange pointers, as well as LED for illumination.

The instrument panel provides convenient storage compartments for added utility. The glove box door swings down to provide a large, single bin for storing the owner's manual and other documents out of sight, while an open bin above the glove box provides additional easy-to-reach storage space.

The centre stack, which features a Silver Alloy painted bezel to complement the instrument panel on Limited models, includes air registers that can be closed so there is no perceivable air flow, as well the radio, climate controls, the switch bank for optional heated seats and the transaxle shifter. These components are all within easy reach of the driver and passenger. A cubby for storing small items is located beneath the radio.

Jeep Patriot also features a gated shifter, a feature typically found on premium vehicles. The shifter features a black and bright shifter cap with the Jeep name featured in the centre with styling details similar to the shifter in the Jeep Commander. The bezel includes an illuminated PRNDL indicator to make it easy to see when driving at night.

World-Class Engine Performance

Fuel economy is a key factor in the four-cylinder gasoline engine market. The Chrysler Group World Engine family, which is based on a joint venture between DaimlerChrysler Corp., Hyundai Motor Co. and Mitsubishi Motors Corp., is targeted to improve fuel efficiency by five per cent compared with the engines they replace - rivalling the best four-cylinder engines in the world.

The Jeep Patriot is available with the 2.4-litre petrol World Engine with dual Variable Valve Timing (VVT), which helps optimise the torque curve at all speeds. This World Engine, with 168 bhp and 220 Nm (162 lb.-ft.) of torque, produces more power, better fuel economy and a smoother, quieter ride than engines without dual VVT. The 2.4-litre engine places Patriot amongst the best in the segment for power, torque, top speed, acceleration and towing capacity, all with fuel economy that is comparable to lower displacement engines.

"The World Engine programme allows us to build premium features into the Jeep Patriot's power plant without a premium price," Lyons said. "We set high targets and achieved those targets to meet customers' high demands for fuel economy, refinement, durability, quality and performance."

Chrysler Group brought its engineering expertise to the World Engine programme in the areas of cylinder port and intake manifold design using advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics tools. Chrysler Group engineers led the development work on dual VVT, as well as an integrated 2:1 oil pump/balance shaft assembly. Chrysler Group engineers also refined the engines for exceptional smoothness and sound quality, resulting in a pleasant engine feel and sound for the customer.

2.0-litre Turbo Diesel Engine

The 2.0-litre engine is a state-of-the-art, direct-injection turbo diesel power plant with high-pressure fuel injection, a variable geometry turbocharger and four valves per cylinder. The injectors are electronically controlled, leading to high power and torque and optimal fuel efficiency. The turbo diesel engine positions the Jeep Patriot competitively in its class for power, torque, top speed, acceleration, towing capacity and fuel economy. Maximum power is 138 bhp, and peak torque is 310 Nm (229 lb.-ft.).

"Advanced diesel engine technology is readily available and can dramatically reduce the amount of crude oil consumed worldwide," Lyons added. "European customers especially want modern diesel engines with outstanding performance and efficiency, so from the beginning of the programme, our engineers included a diesel engine as part of Jeep Patriot powertrain plan."

Manual Transaxles Add Efficiency and Sportiness

Jeep Patriot's 2.4-litre petrol World Engine is mated as standard to a Magna Driveline T355 five-speed manual transaxle with overdrive and synchronised in all forward ratios. The 2.0-litre turbo diesel engine is paired with an Aisin BG6 six-speed manual transaxle with a three-shaft gear train.

Both manual transaxles provide high performance, durability, quiet operation and smooth shifting. Fuel economy is also enhanced through efficient operation. For both, the shifter is packaged in the centre stack within easy reach of the driver.

New-generation Continuously Variable Transaxle Improves Fuel Economy

The 2.4-litre petrol World Engine is also available with an optional automatic Continuously Variable Transaxle (CVT). The all-new Jeep Patriot uses the newest generation of CVT, offering several advantages compared with previous CVTs.

The Jeep Patriot's CVT continuously varies the transaxle ratio, providing an infinite number of gear ratios and allowing the engine to stay in its most efficient operating range. The transaxle uses two "V" pulleys and a steel push belt to vary the input speed to output speed ratio instead of traditional discrete gear ratios activated by clutches or bands.

Through the use of electronic controls, Jeep Patriot's CVT provides a familiar engine feel while delivering improved fuel economy. For example, drivers will experience an appropriate rise in engine RPM during acceleration rather than an instant rise to the maximum engine RPM.

"Our engineers have calibrated Patriot's CVT to provide a throttle response that feels very natural to the driver," said Lyons. "We've also created an Auto Stick feature that gives the driver manual control and the feeling of six stepped gears," Lyons added.

Chrysler Group's CVT contributes a six-eight per cent improvement in fuel economy compared with a traditional four-speed automatic transaxle. Eliminating upshifts allows the transaxle to engage the torque converter clutch almost immediately when accelerating and to keep it engaged throughout speed changes. This eliminates torque converter slippage common in stepped transaxles and results in more efficient operation, especially during city driving.

The CVT also improves vehicle performance compared with a traditional automatic transaxle. Optimised gear ratios, especially in the 30-60 mph range, improve Jeep Patriot's passing manoeuvres and contribute to a responsive feel and ultimate smoothness.

Aerodynamic and Appealing

Extensive development went into shaping the Jeep Patriot's upper body and rear liftgate to ensure the vehicle is both aerodynamic and visually appealing. To reduce drag, Patriot's rear liftgate spoiler was developed to separate the air stream from the rear of the vehicle. The roof, rear side D-pillar and taillamps also were shaped to help separate the air cleanly.

Engineers designed several of Jeep Patriot's exterior body features to reduce wind noise. Large exterior rearview mirrors are designed to provide good visibility while minimising aerodynamic drag and turbulent wind noise. Patriot's windscreen water channel and radio antenna were refined in the Chrysler Group's state-of-the-art Aero-Acoustic Wind Tunnel to minimise wind noise. A lip on the trailing edge of the bonnet directs air flow over the wipers, reducing wind noise inside the vehicle.
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