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Lotus - 2008 Exige Cup 260
Lotus - 2008 Exige Cup 260

Lotus - 2008 Exige Cup 260

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Lotus Exige Cup 260 Lotus Sport, the motor sport division of Lotus Cars Ltd, has unveiled the MY2008 Lotus Sport Exige Cup 260. A direct development of the 2007 Exige Cup Car, th... More »
Lotus Exige Cup 260

Lotus Sport, the motor sport division of Lotus Cars Ltd, has unveiled the MY2008 Lotus Sport Exige Cup 260. A direct development of the 2007 Exige Cup Car, this year's car has a revised engine management system to take the maximum power output to 257 hp (260 PS), up by nearly 5 hp (5 PS) over last year. Bespoke performance enhancements created to offer a car with even greater levels of handling and acceleration capable of taming Europe's most challenging race circuits.

The Exige Cup 260, once again represents Lotus' most radical version of the Exige, with the track environment being its home and for 2008, the Lotus Sport Exige Cup 260 has full European homologation for road use (a must have for some competitive environments where a road legal car has to be entered).

There are further product changes: all Lotus Sport Exige Cup 260 cars now have a number of the 2008 Model year improvements from the road versions of the Elise and Exige, namely:

Instrument pack with new graphic design and expanded functionality

New alarm/immobiliser + single integrated function key

Variable Lotus Traction Control

Variable Lotus Launch Control

In traditional Lotus style, weight saving is paramount. Weighing in at just 928 kg, the power to weight ratio is an impressive 271 hp / tonne (273 PS / tonne). Such a fantastic power to weight ratio alone of course does not make a superlative track car, so the Exige Cup 260 has a formidable list of standard equipment that includes Lotus specific LTS compound Yokohama A048R tyres, 4-piston AP Racing front brake calipers, adjustable dampers and anti-roll bar, the latest FIA 6-point roll cage and sports driver and passenger seats. The car can also be ordered as a Track version for track use only. The Track Version comes pre-fitted with an FIA approved 6-point roll cage, and 4-point harnesses. In addition, a wide range of motorsport specific options are also available with this version.

70 litre fuel cell (FIA approved)

Yokohama A005 racing slick tyres with Hi-Power silver 5-spoke ultra lightweight forged alloy wheels

C64 6-speed gearbox with dog engagement and revised ratios

1.5-way adjustable plate-type limited slip differential

Race specification battery with battery tray

De-cat pipe

Level 2 stainless steel sports exhaust - 104.0 dB(A)

Black race seat - driver only (FIA approved)

Black 6-point harnesses - driver only (FIA approved)

The Lotus Sport Exige Cup 260 is one of the quickest cars around a circuit. Key to this incredible performance is the aerodynamic package, which produces over 40 kg of downforce at 160 kmh increasing grip and stability at higher speeds. With a top speed of 247 kmh (147 mph) and a zero to 160 kmh (100 mph) in circa 9.9 seconds, 0 to 100 kmh in circa 4.1 seconds (0 to 60 mph in circa 4 seconds), the MY2008 Exige Cup 260 is the perfect partner for the serious racer. Combined Fuel Consumption is 9.1 l/100km and the CO2 emissions 216 g/km.

The Exige Cup 260 is available now for sale in mainland Europe at €56,034, exclusive of local taxes and on the road charges. You will find the individual retail prices for some major European markets in a separate list at the end of this release.

Mike J Kimberley, Chief Executive Officer Group Lotus plc said: "In keeping with our racing and high performance sports car heritage, we are very pleased to launch this exceptionally exciting, phenomenal-handling Lotus Sport Exige Cup 260. This is yet another example of how Lotus Cars and high-tech engineering with Lotus Sport, can transform an already brilliant road car into an exceptionally high performance product for the track."
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