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Mitsubishi - 2005 Concept-X
Mitsubishi - 2005 Concept-X

Mitsubishi - 2005 Concept-X

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Mitsubishi Concept-X With an exterior that carries over the full flavor of Lancer Evolution's ruthlessly mechanical road machine image and a high quality interior with a function... More »
Mitsubishi Concept-X

With an exterior that carries over the full flavor of Lancer Evolution's ruthlessly mechanical road machine image and a high quality interior with a functional layout that encourages the driver to concentrate solely on operating his machine, MITSUBISHI Concept-X points to way a new-age Evolution design that is as handsome and purposeful as it is functional.

In the mechanical components department, MITSUBISHI Concept-X mates a turbocharged aluminum cylinder block MIVEC engine to a high-performance 6-speed auto-manual transmission. Extensive use is made of aluminum in the roof, engine hood and other body panels. Chassis performance has been substantially improved with the introduction of Mitsubishi's latest 4WD-based Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC) vehicle dynamics control system. The incarnation of driving pleasure, this highly advanced technical specification makes MITSUBISHI Concept-X a showcase on wheels for Mitsubishi Motors quintessential road performance technology.

_MIVEC: Mitsubishi Innovative Valve Timing Electronic Control. Mitsubishi Motors variable valve timing technology.


The team has crafted a form with lines that are purposeful and handsome; a form that symbolizes the New Mitsubishi Motors Design while retaining the ruthlessly mechanical performance image that defines the Lancer Evolution series.

Distinguished by its eye-catching outsize grille, the front visage borrows design cues from a jet fighter to hint broadly at the huge quantities of air it draws in and at the car's road-hugging stability. The brand-identifying 3-diamond logo on the leading edge of the engine hood is another distinguishing elements of the new-age Evolution design.

The simple and functional layout of the cockpit is put together in a design that encourages the driver to concentrate fully on operating his machine. The team has spared no effort in developing coloring and lighting that engender a keener competition look to the interior. The black keynote interior color uses silver counterpoints to impart the material look of aluminum and create a more dynamic and athletic looking interior space.


MITSUBISHI Concept-X is powered by a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder DOHC MIVEC intercooler-turbocharged engine and delivers instant response at all engine speeds with flat torque that keeps pulling up to the red line. MITSUBISHI Concept-X uses a clutchless 6-speed auto-manual transmission that realizes slicker shifting and higher transmission efficiencies than a regular manual gearbox. Paddle shifters mounted on the steering column allow the driver to concentrate on his steering better and enable drivers of all abilities to experience the satisfying pleasure of sport driving.

Body and chassis

The ring-structure frame design realizes a significant increase in body stiffness, while the use of aluminum in the engine hood, trunk lid, fenders, roof and front and rear door panels reduces weight. Reducing weight in the roof and upper parts of the body lowers the center of gravity, while weight reduction in the doors, engine hood, trunk and other peripheral elements reduces the moment of inertia for better steerability. Weight reduction, lowering the center of gravity and reducing the moment of inertia all contribute to better motive performance and better handling.

Suspension is by MacPherson strut at the front and a multi-link arrangement at the rear. Working in concert with Mitsubishi Motors "Roll Control Suspension" technology, this design delivers very high levels of ride and road holding.

On-board Multi-Media System

The On-Board Multi-Media System complements the interior design in the way it encourages a dialogue between driver and machine. The high-definition liquid crystal monitor provides a real-time display of vehicle and S-AWC operating status while also displaying on-board navigation system maps and DVD audio controls. Rear seat passengers have their own liquid crystal panel display at the back of the front seats that allows them to share with the driver driving-related information and his/her fun-to-drive experience.

Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC)

MITSUBISHI Concept-X showcases Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC) vehicle dynamics control technology. A further step up the evolutionary ladder of Mitsubishi Motors four-wheel drive traction and handling technology well proven in the Lancer Evolution and other series, S-AWC realizes cutting-edge levels of vehicle dynamics control. Based on Mitsubishi's full-time 4WD system that is built around ACD and Super AYC component technologies, S-AWC adds Active Brake Control, Active Steering System and Roll Control Suspension technologies to realize a fully integrated system.
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