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PGO - 2013 Cevennes
PGO - 2013 Cevennes

PGO - 2013 Cevennes

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PGO Cevennes The combination of suggestive lines and appealing colors makes the Cevennes the model of seduction. The interior, at the image of its owner who would have chosen its... More »
PGO Cevennes

The combination of suggestive lines and appealing colors makes the Cevennes the model of seduction. The interior, at the image of its owner who would have chosen its colors and elaborated conception combining artisanal "savoir-faire" and high technology, creates a true source of emotion and pleasure. Taking the wheel of this neo-retro roadster is an invitation to discover sensations that come from the harmonious distribution between reconstructed past and assumed modernity.

The engine

After announcing the signature for a supply contract with BMW Group on February 29th, 2012, PGO Automobiles revealed the characteristics of its new engine that combines performance and high technology. This engine reaffirms, once more, PGO Automobiles' desire to offer cars of exception equipped with a state-of-the-art technology engine that meets the brand's standards, in particular for the reduction of CO2 emissions and high performance.

Descending from a line of engines with the latest advanced technology; it offers high performance in terms of power, torque, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This turbocharged engine of 1.61 L is notably equipped with variable valve lift and direct injection.

This new BMW Group engine has been awarded the title of "Best Engine of The Year" four years in a row. It permits less volume displacement, in line with the downsizing trend, to answer some of the environmental issues.

Greater performance

The frame rigidity has been enhanced by 15%; new 6-speed manual gearbox; new suspension bringing more precision, comfort and safety; more dynamic acceleration and top speed.

Greater comfort

New seats with integrated belts; specific interior layouts have been created giving it a more actual, functional and ergonomic aspect; new option: cruise control.

Greater sound

New radio Pioneer, 19/9 wide touch screen display, compatible Mp3, iPhone/iPod and Bluetooth, as well as a new audio option, 2 additional tweeters to enhance sound quality.

Greater cruising

A built-in GPS, a new and more efficient heat/air-conditioning system, better ergonomics and comfortable controls.

Greater safety

Automatic lock system at 20 km/h; new locking system for cabriolets' soft tops, creation of a central handhold, more ergonomic and comfortable.

Greater visibility

New windshield frame using a specific technology combining an aluminum structure with the windshield bringing more precision and secure visibility.

Greater eco-friendliness

Over 10 % reduction of fuel consumption, less pollution, 6 % reduction of CO2 emissions, same tax-rate in France despite the substantial increase in engine power.

Greater aesthetics

New cut for the rear bonnet creating a more modern aspect and offering an easier access to the engine for both cabriolets; new aesthetics of the lower waistline of the Cevennes, adding a more coherent aesthetic style with the one of the Hemera.

Technical Specifications


Engine position: transverse mid engine

Number of cylinders: 4 aligned

Cubic capacity (bore x stroke): 1 598 cm3 (77 x 85,8 mm)

Number of valves: 16, twin overhead camshaft, BMW Valvetronic

Power Supply: multi-port direct injection, turbocharged

Maximum power: 135 Kw (184 ch DIN) @ 5400-6450 rpm

Maximum torque: 240 Nm (24,4 mkg) @ 1600-5000 rpm, 260 Nm in over-boost during 10 sec @ 1730-4500 rpm

Compression level: 10.5:1

Depollution system: 3-way catalytic converter


Gear box: manual, 6 gears + reverse


Front axle: McPherson system, with lower triangulated arm, transversal sway bar

Rear axle: McPherson system, lower multi-arms

Brakes: 4 ventilated discs

Wheels: 7x17" alloy wheels

Tires size: 205/40 ZR 17

Steering: pinion steering

Turning circles between curbs: 9,40m


Kerb weight: 1 012 Kg

Fuel tank capacity: 42 liters

Trunk capacity: 240 dm3

Length: 3735 mm

Width: 1735 mm

Height: 1307 mm

Wheelbase: 2261 mm

Front and Rear Track: 1440/1430 mm


Top Speed on Track: 225 km/h

Fuel consumption (Unleaded 95RON)

urban: 10,4 l/100km

extra urban: 5,9 l/100km

combined: 7,6 l/100km

CO2 Emission: 175 g/km
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